FREE Pilate series offered at Encore!

Posted on: Friday July 15, 2011

Encore is excited to offer a FREE 4 week series of Pilate entitled “Introduction to Core Concepts” instructed by Theresa Knight. This course will focus on location and activation of core muscles, using these muscles to support the spine, posture, uniform development, breathing, stable pelvis, shoulder girdle as well as movement and neutral spine.

It will be offered at Encore two times a week, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4 pm to 5 pm, beginning Thursday July 21, 2011. Participants are encouraged to attend each class to maximize the benefits.

Theresa currently works at LBCC and OSU as a group exercise educator of Pilate, cardio core conditioning and bone building fitness. Her vast experience in the health and fitness field over the past 30 years, has involved guiding individual clients, teaching student groups, instructor trainings and program development through Oregon schools. She has served in health clubs and physical therapy clinics, in addition to her own business, Pilate Kinection. Movement can be medicine. Theresa’s passion is to encourage others to move safely toward healthier lives!

Limited space is available! Please contact Amanda at 541-758-2235 or email her – just click on the “contact us”. Thank you

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