Pilates with CoreAlign instructor Linda Erwin

Pilates Core Align in Corvallis

Pilates is an exercise program that incorporates flexibility and strength training for all ages. It is designed to improve core stabilization, enhance balance and posture, restore healthy movement patterns and improve overall function. Linda Erwin, a certified CoreAlign instructor at Encore, uses the CoreAlign and Pilates Reformer equipment to design an individual program based on specific needs. The equipment is an effective tool to rehabilitate injures, develop a safe exercise regime, strengthen and tone for everyday activities, and to enhance athletic performance. Each session is fifty minutes and can vary from gentle to challenging for a beginning or more advanced workout.

Pilates in CorvallisLinda Erwin is a certified CoreAlign instructor, She teaches yoga and dance at Oregon State University and yoga at Timberhill Athletic Club. She has been a licensed Massage Therapist since 1986. As a Body Movement Awareness educator she has also studied Trager and Reiki, and during the last 25 years has annually attended workshops to update and enhance her knowledge in the field. Linda has a passion for studying structural movement, anatomical alignment, and the mind / body relationships to health and well being.

Contact Linda Erwin at (541) 757-2314 for more information.